Shimmy Shaker - Sieve Only


The perfect addition to your pamper and home routine. 

This small sieve has multiple uses; 

  • Place a small amount of our Magic Carpet dust in the sieve to sprinkle over your carpets/upholstery/car etc. The sieve will evenly disperse the product. 
  • Crumble up a bubble scoop, or place a full one whole into the sieve and hold under your running bath water to create a plume of bubbles and scent! 
  • Create your own scent mixture by adding some Pixie Dust, a bath bomb and a bubble scoop to your sieve! 

They are the perfect addition to any gift box, which can be created by adding the Gift Wrap option. 

Please note this listing is for the shimmy shaker ONLY. Magic Carpet or a bubble scoop is available to be bought separately.