About Us

Tales of Toria LTD was created in February 2020 after our first trip to Walt Disney World in September 2019. When we returned it became apparant that the Disney blues were a real thing. This gave me the inspiration to find a different way to inject magic into everyday life. After much thinking, I had decided to make Disney inspired soaps. There were so many ideas going through my head and all were well recieved by the lovely Disney instagram community. 

By the 1st February I was ready to put my soaps on sale and the response since has been overwhelming and I am so thankful for everyones support on my journey. Each of the soaps are made with a bit of Disney inspiration, sometimes these are characters, sometimes they are rides, but each holds their own bit of magic. I quickly realised that everyone wanted more than just soap - and so the bath bombs were born! 

In April 2020, I made the very tough decision to leave my day to day job and focus solely on Tales of Toria in an attempt to better my mental health. This tough decision was one of many risk taking decisions involved within this process. In July, 2020 I made another risky decision to move my business from our spare room, into an industrial unit. The move was incredible, it's gave us so much more space to work, to produce new products and venture on so many exciting possibilities. Tales of Toria LTD continued to flourish and very quickly Matthew (my partner) joined the journey full time, closely followed by my mum and Abbie.  


We soon realised we needed a bigger space and in December 2020 we moved into an even bigger unit. The extra space has given us so much room to grow, and to expand the business even further. We're excited for what 2021 has to hold!